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Propeller Guard, for 9-25 HP, Plastic, Ø23cm, Yellow

Propeller Guard, for 9-25 HP, Plastic, Ø23cm, Yellow

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Propeller Guard is a smart consideration and safeguard for your outboard. The installation will greatly reduce the possibility of human and marine life injuries due to the propeller blades and will also protect the propeller from nets and ropes. You will not have to worry about propeller maintenance and safety anymore.

Additionally, a propeller guard can reduce fuel consumption, so that you save on gas and, at the same time, it improves handling and stability, for a more enjoyable time on your boat. This is because the guard is made to surround the propeller in such a way that it moves the water with a more accurately directed force. Finally, the guard does not contain moving parts, so its maintenance is minimal. Having fast & easy installation, it enhances safety on board. Made of reinforced polypropylene.

Available option for most 9-25 HP engines with max. propeller Ø21,6cm, as well as for 25-35 HP engines with max. propeller Ø28cm.

It is ideal for rescue boats and yachts that might sail on waters with many bathers, while it is available in yellow & orange colour (based on the product code).

Note that the necessary bolts, nuts & washers are included in the package.

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