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Tides Marine

TIDES #FSK-1250-2000-1 Shaft Seal Kit W/Spare Sea & Holder

TIDES #FSK-1250-2000-1 Shaft Seal Kit W/Spare Sea & Holder

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Tides SureSeal™ Drip Free Self-Aligning Shaft Seal

New Tides Shaft Seal kit. Fits inboard powered boats with 2" shaft log and 1-1/4" shaft. Includes all necessary hardware for installation (You will still need 3/8" water hose and clamps) Also includes spare seal and carrier and seal protectors for use during installation. Has 2 water fittings. One can be plugged for single engine installations. The SureSeal Shaft Seal is a drip-free, self-aligning propeller shaft seal that is OEM equipment on many well known brands and types of vessels. With Twin Engine vessels, we recommend the SureSeal model with dual injection fittings so a passive crossover line can be installed between the 2 SureSeal shaft seals. This way, if you are trolling or have a breakdown on one engine, cooling and lubricating water is still being supplied to the SureSeal that is on the idle engine. (Included) If you install a Spare Seal Carrier Kit at the same time you install the SureSeal shaft seal, when the time comes, you will be able to change the Lip Seal in the water. No need to break the coupling or haul the vessel. (Included)

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